Want Change?

Want Change? It begins with you. Go now and check, who is your government for your county/state. ANYONE in longer than 2 terms, vote them OUT. Vote them out EVEN if you have to vote the other party. If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always received. I will say, we are a two party democracy and with that, I feel you should pick a side. I don’t believe words, I believe actions. 

How bad can it be? New blood, new ideas! We sit around and complain that nothing is getting done in our government, yet we have representatives in power that have been there for YEARS! Politicians will say whatever we want to hear. They all have their own agenda and will do what they want once in the office. They bicker and fight amongst themselves and claim they are working for us. BULL! This is when we pay attention and when we see that they did not hold their “promises” to us, we vote them out next time. If our President is limited to two terms, why not each and every other office be limited (local and state) as well?

We don’t need to have a law for term limits, we as the American people can control this. WE need to vote. I’ve made up my mind. I no longer care if I “like” the person in office. If they have been there too long, it’s time for them to move on. Political offices were never meant to be careers. They are public servants to us, the American people. We have failed by allowing those we “like” to stay too long.

Seriously folks, we’ve gotten way too caught up in them or us. It didn’t used to be this way. I have strong convictions just as well as you do, but we need a balance for all people. I have to give a bit on my ideas as well as you must give on yours. We will LIVE for the limited time that the individual is in office. We must not lose site of our unity. The Media is doing a fine job of trying to pit us against each other. Don’t let them. Remember that those in office work for us.

Voting is key and remember, anyone in power to long is over-staying their political welcome. vote

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