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Things that tick me off!

1. People who mistreat their pets.

2. People who lie

3. Rude people

4. Politics.

5. Dogs that run!!

6. People who think that banning guns will somehow keep us all safe! Bad people don’t care if they break the law. They find a way to get the guns to kill us, and we are sitting ducks, unarmed, and defenseless.

7. People who judge someone (harshly) and they have never met that individual. You just don’ t know them well enough to judge them!

8. People who ignore someone. How rude! Ignoring them isn’t going to make them go away or quit asking you something. Grow UP!

9. Fake “friends” – nuff said!

10. People who think everyone wants to hear/read their opinion!

(stay tuned, more to come!)

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