Family Genealogy

genealogyI have a niece who is an avid family history seeker. Recently she has uncovered a family secret that had been buried for 120 years! Furthermore she continues to dig deep into the family roots and uncovers surprise after surprise. The 120 year old secret, I had been investigating for 16 years, then one afternoon  she and I were talking and I mentioned this frustration and she said “let me see what I can find.” I was like, good luck LOL! One hour later (I almost passed out) she calls me and says “you are not going to believe what I just found out.” IN ONE HOUR she found an incredible piece of information on the family that will forever shape us.

She keeps a blog of all the info she finds (having all the living remain anonymous) and I’d like to share that with you. If you have some family history that you would like to be “investigated” she’s inexpensive (more reasonable in cost than most) and thorough. You can contact her through the blog link posted here. Good luck digging.

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